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Kondoli - The whale journey across Granite Island

Ngudi Arndu Kondoli (Welcome) 

We ask you to come on this journey through time as we the cultural story holders share Ngarrindjeri connections and pay our respects to Kondoli as part of the Department for Environment and Water, Park of the Month.


The Kondoli story is very sacred to Ngarrindjeri, It is the creation story of how fire was given to our people and why we must protect it.  It also tells the connection that we as Ngarrindjeri have with the land, waters and cosmology through our whale dreaming stories. 


Duration: 45 minutes

Starting point: Ngurunderi statue at the start of the Causeway to Granite Island (mainland side)


This tour is subsidised and supported by the Department for Environment and Water. 


What Our Visitors Say

"The Indigenous guide was interesting and informative, and occasionally amusing. His smoking ceremony was humbling."
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