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Guided tours that give you authentic Aboriginal experiences, bush foods and local heritage


Collaborative Tours

by Spirit Australia Cruises

by Gemtree Wines

Venture into the profound depths of First Nations' heritage with the Wuldi Cultural Experience, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Gemtree Eco Trail. The term 'Wuldi', which signifies the eagle in Ngarrindjeri language, epitomises the soaring spirit of guardianship over the environment.

Guided by Mark Koolmatrie, a distinguished Ngarrindjeri elder and environmental advocate, this tour isn't merely a walk but a voyage through millennia of stories, traditions, and wisdom. Every step along the Gemtree Eco Trail offers an immersive lesson in the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, echoing Mark's profound belief: “Walk in parallel with the land, the land speaks to you if you allow it to”.


As you traverse this pristine eco-system, Mark delves deep into the legacy of the Ngarrindjeri people, revealing how their customs, beliefs, and sustainable practices have safeguarded this land's beauty for countless generations. Conclude with a captivating native food plate and an optional flight of Gemtree's exquisite biodynamic wines.


Embark on a breathtaking 6-hour journey along the last stretches of the Murray River with Kool Tours. Setting sail from Goolwa's historic wharf, navigate the Goolwa Barrage, descend to sea level, and find fur-seals basking by the waters.


Traverse the Coorong's waterways, cruising into the picturesque Storm Boy territory, passing the iconic Coorong Shacks.

Step on the sands with an optional dune walk enriched with indigenous heritage, leading to the pristine 90-Mile Beach. Here, Mark Koolmatrie, offers an immersive experience, sharing cultural tales and conducting a traditional smoke ceremony. Engage in the lively 'Coorong Shuffle', dig for tantalising Pipi's/Kuti, and sample them onboard. Revel in mouth-watering lunches and observe iconic Storm Boy film sites as the Coorong unveils its beauty.


Departure: 10am every Wednesday & Sunday (October - May)


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