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Got a question about one of our tours, or whether we customise experiences? Read on.

Are there any dietary accommodations for meals provided during the tours?

Yes, we always aim to meet our guests' dietary needs. When you book your tour, we'll ask you to inform us about any allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences you have. We'll do our best to accommodate these with delicious alternatives.

Do the tours operate during public holidays?

Yes, our tours run even on public holidays! We love celebrating these special days with you. Please note that there's an additional 10% surcharge on these dates to account for extra operational costs.

Are there any cultural or traditional etiquettes guests should be aware of before participating?

While we don't have strict cultural requirements, we encourage all guests to display common courtesy and remain open-minded. It's all about mutual respect and a willingness to learn about and appreciate different cultures and environments.

Is there a waiting list for fully booked tours?

No, we don't have a waiting list at the moment. Our tours are quite popular, so they're offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend booking as early as possible to secure your spot!

Are private tours available upon request?

Yes, of course! If you're looking for a more personalized experience, we can arrange private tours tailored to your group. Just reach out to us with your request, and we'll work with you to create an unforgettable journey.

Do you offer discounts for large groups or families?

At the moment, we maintain a straightforward pricing model and do not offer specific discounts for large groups or families. 

Are gift vouchers or gift experiences available for purchase?

Not currently, but keep an eye out! We're excited to offer gift vouchers and special experience packages starting in the new year. These will make perfect presents for your adventure-loving friends and family.

What measures are in place for inclement weather?

We closely monitor weather conditions for safety. If the forecast suggests a high chance of severe weather, we may need to reschedule your tour for a brighter day. Alternatively, we might alter the itinerary to suit the conditions. If rescheduling isn't possible, a full refund will be offered.

How physically demanding are the walks? Are there any fitness requirements?

The walks are generally of moderate difficulty. We recommend that all participants have a fair level of fitness to ensure you can comfortably enjoy the tour. There's no need to be an athlete, but you should be able to handle a good walk.

Is transportation available to and from tour locations?

Currently, guests need to arrange their own transportation to the tour start points. We understand the importance of this service and are looking to offer transportation options in the future.

Are there any age restrictions for participants on certain tours?

No strict age limits here! We welcome adventurers of all ages as long as they have a moderate level of fitness. Children are welcome but must be accompanied and looked after by a responsible adult throughout the tour.

Can I make special requests or customize a tour experience?

Absolutely! We love helping you make your tour experience your own. Get in touch with us at least four days before your tour to discuss customizations, whether it's adding a special meal or tweaking the itinerary. Please note, additional charges may apply for certain requests.

What should I do if I'm running late for a scheduled tour?

If you find yourself running late, please contact us immediately via our business phone number. A text or call as soon as you can will help us make the necessary adjustments.

How do I provide feedback or testimonials after completing a tour?

We value your feedback greatly! After your tour, we'll send you an email with details on how you can share your experience and thoughts with us.

Are there restroom facilities available during the tours?

Yes, restrooms are available, but please be aware that our nature tours may have limited access to facilities. We plan our stops accordingly, so you'll have access when needed, although it might be a bit more rustic than you're used to - depending on where we are.


"Mark is a wonderful ambassador for South Australian and Australian tourism, and for Indigenous tourism globally. In supporting this award nomination, I’d like to thank Mark and Kool Tours for being valued partners of Intrepid Travel and the immense contribution their work is making to two-way learning, cultural strength and resilience and valuing Indigenous culture"

Tara, Senior Product Manager, Intrepid Travel

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