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From Unemployment to Thriving Business

I want to share my journey with you about how I turned my passion for storytelling and cultural education into a successful tour business, all thanks to the Self-Employment Assistance program by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR).

For a while, I was on unemployment benefits, trying to make ends meet while holding onto my dream of starting a business that could share my culture with the world. For years, I had been guiding people through the beautiful landscapes of the Fleurieu Peninsula, sharing the rich history and traditions of the Ramindjeri and Ngarrindjeri people. But it was hard to transform my passion into a sustainable business.

That's when I saw a stall at the local shops promoting the Self-Employment Assistance program. I jumped at the opportunity, and it was the turning point I needed. The program supported me in writing a comprehensive business plan, laying out the path to turning my cultural tours into a viable enterprise. They helped me craft a financial plan that showed how to manage cash flow, set prices, and make sound investments to sustain my business in the long term.

With the guidance and expertise from the Self-Employment Assistance program, I was able to develop a business case that not only highlighted the cultural significance of my tours but also demonstrated their financial viability. This gave me the confidence to move forward, and soon Kool Tours was forging ahead, attracting people from all walks of life who wanted to learn more about our country's indigenous cultures.

Today, Kool Tours is thriving, and I owe a great deal of my success to the support and guidance from the Self-Employment Assistance program. The transition from unemployment to business owner has been challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Now, I can continue to share my culture and heritage with the world, one tour at a time. If you're out there struggling, I hope my story encourages you to take a chance on yourself and pursue your dreams.

You can watch the full video by clicking through below.

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